Ecological tours in Almaty

This Outdoor World episode is dedicated to winter types of eco-tourism.  Indeed, there are several good ski resorts in Kazakhstan, but what if you want something new?  Together with a company of tourists from Almaty, our film crew is heading to the Altai to take part in a dog-sledding hike in the wild taiga!  We will visit the original world of dark coniferous woods of Southern Siberia and get acquainted with new types of eco-tourism and traditional life of taiga residents of Eastern Kazakhstan Region. For several years now, Evgeny Sidelnikov and Natalya Borovaya have been developing a small tourist base on the Black Uba bank.  Sometimes there is debate between these who believe that eco-tourism should generate income and these convinced that domestic tourism, especially youth tourism, by essence brings multiple bene-fits because young people who are fond of it lead a healthy lifestyle.  They don’t drink alcohol, do drugs or crime.  It also contributes to patriotism.  It’s extremely important to strike a balance between the constitutional rights of citizens to communicate with wildlife and the need to monetize tourism.