How to cook a Chechen national dish «Zhizhig Galnash»?

“if a guest doesn't come to your house, then goodness will not visit too,” according to a Chechen proverb. That is why Delicious Kazakhstan is visiting hospitable and kind people with warm hearts!

Chechens are representatives of the Nakh peoples from the North Caucasus. Together with the Ingush, they came to Kazakhstan in the 40s of the 20th century. At one time, Russian historians described the Chechens as a hospitable people with a special sparkle in their eyes. They were even called “the French of the Caucasus”. The word "Vainakh" can often be heard from the representatives of this people. In translation, it means "our people".

Chechens are a people who have preserved their traditions and customs, despite the trials. Guests here are greeted warmly and they set a rich table for guests.