Presentation of books by Yegeukhan Mukhamadikyzy

On culture, traditions and values of the Kazakh people in literary language through the prism of a woman’s perception. Nur-Sultan hosted a presentation of books of a famous Kazakh poetess and writer Yegeukhan Mukhamadikyzy. The publications released in honor of the author’s 80th birth anniversary contain not only poems, but also her autobiographical stories and notes. The first book “Buiyrgyn” reflects the personal experiences and thoughts of the writer about her native land, culture and folk customs. The second one “Kinali kyz” involves an essay-novel “Azhemnin angimesi” about the story of one love, covering stories about the fate of those Kazakhs who were once forced to leave their historic homeland. Today the capital’s literary intellectuals, including writers, poets and prose writers, speak warmly about the works of Yegeukhan Mukhamadikyzy.

“The book “Kinali kyz” is so pure and truthful. I saw a film script in it. This is a ready-made film drama, because everything is tense. I read it like a detective story, it describes the life of Kazakh nomads, they have not lost touch with the past yet. Everything is described in the national and magnificent style. I just love it. This is an autobiographical novel about the life, the story of one love. This is just a wonderful book,” said Aigul Kemelbayeva, member of Kazakhstan’s Union of Writers.