Kazakh dietary supplements may be sold abroad

Kazakh dietary supplements may be sold abroad

Scientists from Kazakhstan are planning to revive the medicine of nomads. Phytotherapy was widely used in the steppe for centuries. Biologists intend to untap the potential of modern medicinal plants. They intend to study local herbs.

“The spectrum of pharmaceutical and pharmacological action of these plants covers almost all types of diseases of the human body systems. If we organize planting and harvesting, we can fully meet our own needs and enter the export market with our herbal dietary supplements. For example, the licorice root, the price of which in the European market reaches eight euros per a hundred grams,” noted Viktor Kamkin, a PhD Candidate in Biology.

Fireweed is one of the most promising plants in Pavlodar region. The unpretentious medicinal herb has proven to be very effective in treating coronavirus symptoms.

“We plan to make tea from fireweed, from its leaves and flower petals. It makes for a functional drink, it’s an herbal tea. It does not cause any side effects and is also sweet in taste,” added Aidana Kamarova, a PhD student and biologist.

Another important part in the development of plant-based pharmacology is the restoration of soil fertility. It is well known that agricultural land is susceptible to desertification and salinization, so that neither cereals nor vegetables can be cultivated. For farmers, this land is simply lost. In this regard, scientists are proposing to grow salt-tolerant medicinal plants, for which such an environment is safe. In addition, experts say that the industrial production of plant-based medicines can become the basis of eco-tourism. According to them, it can be a tasting of phyto products, observing the process of growing raw materials, as well as the sale of finished products.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

 Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova