App with information on universities, grants to be developed in Kazakhstan

A special mobile application for college applicants will be developed in Kazakhstan for the first time. The domestically-developed application will be of great help for high school graduates and college students. It will allow young people to receive information about universities, state grants and other grant programs. The application, which will be available in Kazakh and Russian languages, will provide information about job vacancies in the regions. The organizers of the project plan to launch it within a few months.

“What is included here? Students from grades 9 to 11, college students and graduates can choose a university by downloading the mobile application. The websites of the universities in Kazakhstan do not provide enough information. The information they present is not complete and does not satisfy their requests,” explained Azat Tengebayev, Executive Director of Kazakhstan Student Alliance.

“The main feature will be the Holland Code test, which will give students career guidance by determining personal inclination to an occupation. Students can take this test completely free of charge and determine their inclination to any career paths,” added Amina Daribekova, First Deputy Chairperson of Kazakhstan Student Alliance.

The project is being carried out with the grant given out by the Ministry of Information and Social Development. At the initiative of the department, grants were also given to 53 projects, which will cover 15 areas in various social areas, such as the protection of human rights, the development of gender equality, projects in the field of education, health, environmental protection and projects aimed at promoting national unity.

“The Civic Initiatives Support Center has taken a number of measures to stimulate civic engagement. 30 grants were directed to the development of family policy. About 600 million tenge (US$1.3 million) were allocated for this,” said Galym Kurman, Acting Chairman of the Civil Initiatives Support Center.


Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova