Artisans from Kostanai region to go international

Craftspeople from Kostanai are preparing to enter the international market. Kazakh-U.S. competition ‘Born Nomad’ offers such an opportunity. Kostanai region will be represented by 35 masters. They are currently undergoing online training. In the next stage, they will compete with other participants in such categories as ‘Traditions and Culture’, ‘Innovations’, ‘Female Masters’, ‘Young Talents’, ‘3D crafts’ and ‘Creative Collaboration’. Regardless of the outcome of the competition, all artisans will have the chance to enter international commercial platforms and turn their hobbies into full-fledged businesses.

“Kazakh residents wear traditional jewelry and clothes mainly for holiday celebrations. There is a demand. But for now, we sell our products only in local markets. The project will allow us to scale up our business and enter international markets,” said Saule Kabidulova, Head of Artisans’ Foundation.

“Our national souvenirs and our traditions are interesting to many countries. Actually, we have many guests who come from abroad. And they are always in search of Kazakh souvenirs, namely our national products. Therefore there is certainly a demand,” noted a craftsperson Zhanara Omarbekova.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova