Unique watering method invented in Aktau


An alternative way of watering green spaces was developed in Aktau. They intend to use water from air conditioners. This idea was proposed by the city resident Alexey Dzhubanov. He managed to assemble a seemingly unsophisticated structure. It consists of several parts. He hooked up and connected the plastic pipes to the split-system hoses. Through them, water flows into a special tank. The author of the project admits that he saw similar ideas while studying abroad.

“In Malaysia, I noticed that there were no air conditioners outside of the buildings. But when I went inside, I saw that every house had the same split systems as we do. They do it like that to preserve the integrity of the building facade. Now we would like our builders to take this into account and make separate so-called pockets for air conditioners so that the water is drained into one place and later used for irrigation,” the project author said.

The installation has only advantages, the project author says. The method of collecting condensate not only helps maintain the integrity of the facade, but also relieves apartment residents from the noise of dripping water. All collected water will be used to irrigate trees. And watering will be carried out by local residents.

“This system is very useful. It fills up within five or six days. We were told how to use it. We were given the keys to the dashboard where the tap is installed. A hose is also provided. Now we’re going to do the watering ourselves,” resident of Aktau Turagal Satayev shared.

The condensate is harmless to plants, specialists at the local botanical garden said. The developer even took care of an emergency discharge through the drain. In case of overflow of barrels, a special mechanism will respond.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova