Trade employees have opportunity to take Kazakh language classes

Trade employees have opportunity to take Kazakh language classes

Kazakh language lessons on the spot. Language courses for employees were organized in shopping malls of Temirtau in Karagandy region. There is only one step from theory to practice. The follow-up takes place here, at the workplace.

“I think that we studied the topic of welcoming words quite deeply. Today we studied the topic of products. The Kazakh language lessons are very fascinating. There are many interesting things. The topics are mainly related to the shopping mall,” shared mall manager Tatyana Fyodorchuk.

The basic course for trade employees consists of 21 lessons. In addition, more in-depth programs were developed for comprehensive studying of the state language.

“Two shopping malls were the first to take interest in the project. The total number of course participants is 29. In class, they will be able to gain a large amount of knowledge, and also learn the necessary terms. The lessons are free of charge,” said Gulmira Olzhabayeva, Chief Expert of the Department of Culture and Development of Languages of Temirtau City.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova