Researchers to study history of ethnic Kazakhs abroad

The “Otandastar” Foundation is launching a new project to conduct research in 14 countries and study the history of Kazakh people living abroad. This was announced at a meeting of the Public Commission under the organization in the Kazakhstan’s capital. During the meeting, it was noted that measures to support Kazakh cultural centers in 40 states are planned to be strengthened. In addition, the issue of support for Kazakh media abroad was raised as well.

“We have more than 200 national and cultural centers operating abroad. Now we are working on the issue to support them. We held the 175th anniversary of Abai last year. Similar events will be held this year. These are educational projects, quotas for our compatriots who live abroad. The third question is about broadcasting Kazakh media abroad. According to our data, to date, there are about 90 Kazakh media outlets. Right now we are considering the issue of joint work with Khabar TV with the support of Kazakh Ministry of Information and Social Development,” said Magauiya Sarbasov, Vice President, Otandastar Foundation.