Kazakh scientist develops unique method of treating diabetes


Domestic science does not stand still – Kazakh scientists share their achievements. Thus, a researcher from Almaty, Bakhytzhan Alzhanuly, developed a unique method for treating diabetes, using modern approaches in the fight against this disease. It is about cellular therapy. According to the researcher, cell transplantation will allow the pancreas not only to produce insulin, but also to independently regulate its level in the body.

“We introduced stem cells into our structure. We obtained beta cells from them. These are the cells of the pancreas that are responsible for the synthesis of insulin. We got these beta cells. Then we began to test those qualities that we need, whether they can reduce or increase insulin levels,” explained Bakhytzhan Alzhanuly, Researcher of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

Beta cells can increase insulin levels or decrease it when it’s exposed to light, the scientist said. The unique technique of the Kazakh biotechnologist can help those who faced diabetes and give them the opportunity to live life without injections. There is no technology for the treatment of type 1 diabetes in the world to date, and patients are treated with insulin therapy. Now all that’s left is to finish the work.

“A competition has now been announced. Bakhytzhan Alzhanuly, me and other scientists will apply for a grant. Grant funding or collaborative grant. Based on this grant funding, we will continue this work,” said Kamalidin Sharipov, Acting CEO of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

Bakhytzhan Alzhanuly began his research almost four years ago in Canada and successfully completed it at a Kazakh research institute. There is work on existing protocols, preclinical and clinical trials ahead. Scientists predict that the technology can be put into practice in five years.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova