Kazakhstan to introduce new advanced technologies

Kazakhstan to introduce new advanced technologies

Kazakhstan may begin to build modular and frame houses using a new method. The latest innovative and advanced technologies were brought to Nur-Sultan by innovators from the CIS countries. It is innovations in construction, healthcare, agriculture, IT and other important fields. During the International Conference on Business Cooperation of the CIS Countries, experts not only familiarized themselves with new practices, but immediately began to negotiate their implementation. Thus, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Kazakh Science Foundation and the largest innovative Russian Center ‘Skolkovo’. Another one is planned to be signed by Astana Invest. And that’s not all. Foreign participants of the conference are interested in Kazakhstan’s experience in a number of industries and domestic innovations.

“Today our counterparts have brought some interesting projects. One of the directions is anti-corrosion coating. If this technology will reduce the cost of developers, then I think this direction can be very promising for us. Our main goal is to create favorable conditions for innovators and for new businesses to create industrial production in our city,” said Zhanbolat Kakishev, Chairperson of the Astana Invest.

“There are about 10 projects already working in Kazakhstan. I think this figure is actually small and it could be bigger. During the current pandemic, healthcare is very important, and there are now a lot of developments in telemedicine and in diagnostics. We have already started talking about this today with the key players from both the CIS and Kazakhstan,” added Yuri Saprykin, Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation.


Translation and editing by Assem Zhanmukhanova