Over 1.117 million Kazakh residents now fully vaccinated against COVID-19


According to the Kazakh Health Ministry, more than 1.117 million Kazakh citizens have already received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine. More than 2.158 million residents received the first dose. Meanwhile, cardiologists recommend people with cardiovascular diseases not to be afraid to get a vaccine. In case of a coronavirus infection, the consequences for such patients will be more serious. Because, there is an increased risk for COVID-19 patients to develop a coagulation system disorder. Such thrombotic complications can become fatal and cause a patient’s myocardial infarction or an acute stroke.

“Vaccine developers have not added cardiovascular diseases to the list of contraindications to vaccination. If people with such a chronic condition become infected with COVID-19, they can quickly develop complications that are difficult to recover from. That’s why it is better for people with cardiovascular diseases to get vaccinated in advance and live a normal life,” said cardiologist Maksat Kudratullayev.

Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkanova