Kazakhstan holds COVID-19 vaccinations with Pfizer

Kazakhstan holds COVID-19 vaccinations with Pfizer

Vaccination of pregnant and nursing women as well as children from 12 to 17 years of age with Pfizer vaccine is underway in Kazakhstan. Over 35,000 vaccine doses were delivered to Nur-Sultan. According to the capital’s public health department, the U.S. vaccine will be available in more than 20 sites.

“I’ve been waiting for Pfizer. I wanted to receive it to protect myself, in order not to get sick in the future, and protect my close ones too,” shared student Torezhan Tursun.

“I have a two-month-old baby who was born in September. I wanted to get vaccinated even during my pregnancy. Because everyone around was getting the coronavirus vaccine. I decided to get Pfizer from the moment it was delivered to the city. Of course, I consulted the doctor about the effects of this vaccine on the baby. I learned that it does not have any negative effect and decided to go for it,” added Nur-Sultan resident Gulfairuz Iskakova.

One Pfizer vaccine ampule contains six doses. The shelf life of the vaccine after opening is six hours, and in a sealed and thawed state, no more than a month.

“You yourself saw today when the speakers said that we were waiting for the vaccine delivery. They call therapists, clinics make lists, and inform us about it. Indeed, these are mostly nursing and pregnant women. They do want the vaccine. The situation with children is, of course, different. Talks are held with parents, we are waiting for initiatives from parents. There are also citizens who want to receive this vaccine, but who do not fall into these categories. For now, we have to deny them vaccinations, because only a certain category of people is eligible to get it,” said Aigerim Ardakkyzy, spokesperson for the Public Health Department of Nur-Sultan.

In the meantime, Kazakhstan may expand the category of citizens eligible for vaccination with Pfizer, said the country’s Prime Minister Askar Mamin at a meeting with media representatives. According to him, the matter is now being worked out by an interdepartmental commission. The decision may be announced this week.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova