Switzerland shows interest in Kazakhstan’s vaccine

Switzerland shows interest in Kazakhstan’s vaccine

Kazakh homegrown vaccine against COVID-19 ‘QazVac’ can be registered in Switzerland, Director General of the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems Kunsulu Zakarya said. Foreigners had shown interest in the domestic vaccine and had even made a corresponding proposal to the Kazakh Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Trade and Integration, she added. The Swiss intend to cooperate and promote the QazVac vaccine in Africa and Latin America.

“I think the new measures will drive stability going forward as well competitiveness of the economy and as well will ensure further sustainable growth going forward. Of course, if the economy grows, this gives an opportunity as well to invest more funds into healthcare. Purpose of Sandoz is to drive access to modern, affordable and high quality medicines. So I think this is the point where we both come together and confer the work on improving of the health and well-being of Kazakh people. I know that Kazakhstan vaccine has been developed in Kazakhstan, has been manufactured as well in Kazakhstan and that people actually are vaccinated by Kazakh vaccine. This is what I know and I think it’s very important,” said Andre Pardo, vice president of an European farm company.

Studies are currently underway on the adaptation of Kazakh vaccine against the Delta variant. Once finalized, it will be registered with the World Health Organization. In the near future, WHO experts will review the activities and work of the vaccine manufacturing plant in the Zhambyl region. Only then will a specific official registration plan be developed.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova