Sculpture exhibition ‘Attraction’ opens in Nur-Sultan

Residents and visitors of the capital will be able to see unusual sculptures made of paper, plastic and brass. These materials served as the basis for works of a young artist Abylai Murashbekov. The first personal exhibition of the craftsman has opened in Nur-Sultan. Due to quarantine restrictions, Abylai did not have access to his workshop, but he needed an outlet to express himself. At that point, the sculptor collected materials at hand and turned them into artwork. He named the exhibition “Attraction” for a reason. Each of his works reflects the desire of people to communicate directly with each other, which many miss during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not so long ago, the master took part in an international online exhibition, where he received well-deserved recognition.

“Speaking of plans, I will switch to iron structures when workshops are open. Everything is more impulsive. A visual image arises in my head, and then a desire arises to show it in real life. This is one of the pleasures when you are a sculptor – to show all your emotions, thoughts in material, in 3D space,” said the sculptor.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova