Kazakh sculptor revives ancient Saka art in modern style


Narrative composition of the Saka era - Kazakh artist and sculptor Syrym Musirep revives ancient art by integrating it into modern style. He decided to combine the Saka images of that period into a single system in order to present historical artifacts to the public in a new way. Through his works, the talented young man intends to leave the heritage of the Saka era to the future generation. Musirep uses a very durable and resistant polyurethane material to create his sculptures.

“In 2020, I decorated a museum in Turkistan. About 600 artifacts of the Saka era were exhibited there. It was then that I became interested in this topic, and now I want to study it in detail and create modern art pieces. All the artifacts were discrete. I put them all together and turned into a single subject matter,” said Musirep.

Musirep has quite ambitious plans for the future. He hopes that his works will not go unnoticed and will also be presented beyond exhibitions. Sculptures and paintings by Musirep already serve as a decoration of a number of architectural buildings in Kazakhstan. Now he intends to conquer the whole world with his art and popularize the national spiritual values of the country of the Great Steppe.

“I realize that in order to achieve those goals  I set for myself, I need to do a lot of research. I have a long journey ahead of me. I think that people will love a narrative composition of the Saka era in the modern interpretation. And then, a little later, these works can be presented on a much larger scale,” the sculptor added.

A 24-year-old artist is a member of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs, as well as a laureate of the Shabyt International Youth Festival and DARYN State Award. His works are regularly showcased at domestic and foreign exhibitions and symposia.