10,000 people to be relocated to North Kazakhstan region


At least 10,000 people are planned to be relocated to North Kazakhstan region from other regions. This information was announced today at a government’s meeting by Kazakh Minister of Labor and Social Protection Serik Shapkenov. According to him, these measures were taken to improve the demographic situation in this area. The authorities calculated what effect the decision will have on the economy. They are confident this will reduce unemployment by almost 5 percent. Those who agree to change their place of residence will also receive a lump sum payment of more than 200,000 tenge (US$471.8).

“Firstly, you can get information about vacancies, apply for relocation and get acquainted with the decision on the electronic labor exchange platform.  Secondly, in order to provide migrants with work to make them successfully adapt, we will provide a lump sum payment. This year it will grow from 35 to 70 monthly calculation index (from US$240.8 to US$481.8) for each family member. This applies specifically to those who will move to North Kazakhstan region,” said Serik Shapkenov, Kazakh Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population.

According to the minister, it is planned to create 97,000 jobs in the region in the next five years. More than half of them are permanent. Thanks to the projects, it will be possible to employ about 16,000 more people.