Kazakh beekeepers intend to increase honey exports

Kazakh beekeepers intend to increase honey exports

Beekeepers from eastern Kazakhstan intend to increase the volume of honey exports overseas. For this purpose, the country’s beekeepers are uniting into production cooperatives. Thus, this year, the producers intend to ship over 120 tonnes of sweet products to foreign consumers. At the same time, Kazakhstan’s export capacity allows it to send up to 1,000 tonnes of honey abroad annually without compromising the domestic market. In 2021, the country exported 83,500 kilograms of honey for almost 33 million tenge (US$75,000). The Kazakh healthy products are most often purchased by Uzbekistan, Mongolia, China, Singapore and Japan.

“The reproduction of bee colonies is increasing and from small beekeeping farms they are growing into industrialists. The capacity and technological capabilities of apiaries have improved as well. For example, if in the past we used to spin a three-frame honey extractor manually, now we already use the four-, six-, eight-, or 56-frame honey extractors, which work automaticallym” said beekeeper Alexey Kassymbayev.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova