Kazakhstan to implement 418 industrial projects by 2025

Kazakhstan to implement 418 industrial projects by 2025

Five new petrochemical plants will open in Kazakhstan in the next four years! The country’s Minister of National Economy Asset Irgaliyev told about their commissioning by 2025 at a press briefing. According to him, this will increase production volume from 40,000 to two million tonnes. The share of imports will decrease from 87 to 72 percent. However, exports of domestic products abroad can increase ninefold! In addition, there are plans to increase the share of enterprises using digital technologies in the manufacturing industry from 7 to 23 percent, Irgaliyev said.

“In 2025, 418 industrial projects will be implemented and more than 11 trillion tenge (US$26 billion) of investments in fixed assets will be attracted.  As a result, the production volume of the manufacturing industry will grow 1.5 times compared to the level of 2020.  As part of the development of the petrochemical complex, large high-tech petrochemical plants will be commissioned.  This will be done to increase non-resource exports and domestic demand,” the minister said.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova and Saule Mukhamejanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova