Trails of Nomads

Trails of Nomads

Kazakh people say, a nation that forgets its past has no future. Kazakhstan is the ancestral home of the Turks, the sacred ‘Kara Shanyrak’. Here lived people who made a significant contribution to the historical processes in other countries and regions.

The purpose of the ‘Trails of Nomads’ program is to present scientific knowledge about the history of the Kazakhs and their ancestors in an accessible way, to prove the historical connection of our ancestors with other peoples of Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

By watching these programs, viewers will expand their knowledge in the history of the peoples and tribes that previously inhabited the territory of the Great Steppe; boost the sense of national identity and will be incredibly proud of the ancestors.

Value of the ‘Trails of Nomads’ program lies in the fact that the viewers will get to know the material heritage of our ancestors, preserved architectural and cultural monuments left by the ancestors in various countries; learn about the descendants of famous historical figures; discover the true history and know opinions of the scientists and historians from other countries; find out the earlier unknown information stored in the State Archives.