Qazaq Golden Hits (

Qazaq Golden Hits (

Qazaq Golden Hits is a musical program that presents favorite songs and artists from various periods. The program welcomes artists, composers and poets as the main guests. There are not only famous artists, who to this day contribute to music, but also musicians who have passed away.

The program features popular songs of different decades of famous composers, poets and musicians of the country, performed by beloved and popular artists. In the ‘Qazaq Golden Hits’ program, viewers will plunge into the history of the old days of our heroes.

The purpose: Popularization of famous personalities, and of course their contribution to the art of Kazakhstan.

The essence: In the “Qazaq Golden Hits” program, the artists exclusively sing the golden hits of Kazakhstan. Every episode is dedicated to one famous person, as well as a certain era. Young artists come to perform their favorite hits in their own manner. The audience will listen to the folk songs in different styles, hip-hop and so on. The hero of the program evaluates a new version of his hit song.