The Incredible Tapestries of Gulshat Dzhur

Gulshat Dzhur. She's an artist! And her works were born from the centuries-old chronicle of nomads. Their pursuit of beauty created incredible images of folk fantasy and perfection of artistic vision! And she, Gulshat Dzhur, is like a wanderer who came from this country of nomads. She communicated with nature, with snow-capped mountain peaks, turbulent rivers, blue lakes, golden steppes, in that life ... Perhaps, gently moving from side to side on camels, peering into the starry sky and listening to the singing of birds, today she brought all this into her beautiful tapestries and felt which live, breathe, make a dialogue.

Her tapestries are magical and are made with inspiration. The artist sometimes does not know what she will end up with ... Her workshop is located at the House of Artists. The loom is two meters wide, it is the main one. And there are the picturesquely scattered ball of wool around and of course, tapestries ...