Nurbol Zhumaskaliyev: I could play for the «Spartak»

In the new issue of Sports Nation, we will visit Kazakhstan's first indoor football arena that meets UEFA standards. We will talk to Nurbol Zhumaskaliyev, a legend of Kazakhstan's football, and organize a little challenge. At the end of the issue, we will talk about women's boxing in Kazakhstan and dispel some myths.

Just a few days ago, one of the best players in the history of Kazakhstan Nurbol Zhumaskaliyev turned 40 years old. He finished his career as a football player in 2018 and has been a sports manager ever since. As a football player, Nurbol set several records. Firstly, he played the most matches in the championship. Secondly, he scored the most goals. For such achievements, his club "Tobol" assigned number 9 for him for life.

In Kostanay club "Tobol" Zhumaskaliyev has played almost all his career, having become a legend of the club. But Nurbol was born in Uralsk. Since he was 11 he has studied at the boarding school of football club "Namys", Almaty, which at the time selected the best young players from all over Kazakhstan. During his career, Zhumaskaliyev has played 526 games in the championship, in which he scored 167 goals.