Azhar Salykova: I dont expect world recognition

In this new issue of the Sports Nation program, we will go to the Karagandy tennis center, to talk to a unique athlete, champion of the country in judo, sambo and kazakh kuresi Azhar Salykova. At the end of this episode, we will talk about women's basketball and its development in Kazakhstan.

We quite often talk about the successes of our wrestlers, boxers and karate fighters. But in the flow of this information, we sometimes miss the victories of our girls, which are no less significant. Make it right. Today the hero of our issue is Azhar Salykova. Multiple champion of Kazakhstan in judo. Just a few days ago, she returned from Moscow, where she won the SAMBO World Cup.

Azhar Salykova was born in the village of Shalkar, Karagandy region. There she also began to engage in wrestling. At 25, Azhar is considered a unique athlete. The list of her achievements includes victories at domestic and international tournaments in judo, sambo and kazakh kuresi. After a series of successful performances in various sports, the media called her a batyr-girl.