Certification of petroglyphs in Almaty region


The certification of the petroglyphs of Arkharly has started in Almaty region. The petroglyphic monuments with a 3,000-year history were found back in 2017. Experts of the Alkei Margulan Institute established ten sites with about one and a half thousand paintings. The certification of all petroglyphs will last until September. After that, the territory of the archaeological complex will be fenced and completely put under state protection. After the certification and drawing up a map of each petroglyph, this site will be turned into an open-air museum.

“We will identify all the petroglyphs by the end of August, make the certification for these petroglyphs. The Archaeology Institute will give us a map of all these mounds and petroglyphs. After that, all these sites will enter the base of the land department of Kerbulak district,” said Marlen Kulbayev, Head of Department for Culture, Archives and Documentation, Almaty region.