Retrospective exhibition of Eurasian Union of Designers

Retrospective exhibition of Eurasian Union of Designers

Jewelry in ethnic style, clothes reflecting the symbiosis of national motives and fashion trends, paintings made from natural materials of felt and wool - over 100 items of decorative and applied art were showcased at an exhibition that opened at the National Museum of Kazakhstan. Each of them reflects the richness of the cultures of the Eurasian continent, as well as the careful attitude of the Kazakh people towards their national customs and traditions.  

“The exhibition will run from June 9 to June 25. Today is the first day of the opening. We split it into two parts. Today is the designers’ turn. We have selected 22 out of more than 50 designers. 18 Kazakh designers arrived and they are presenting their collections today. In addition, more than 300 applications were received in the field of arts and crafts, fine arts and jewelry. 115 have been selected and included in the exhibition,” said Gulnar Zhunussova, exhibition organizer.

The exhibition also included a presentation of the collections of fashion designers, who are the members of the Eurasian Union of Designers. It was an opportunity for them to express their vision of trends, tendencies in modern costume styling, and to exchange experiences with other couturiers.

“We meet, we discuss. We hold evening meetings. We talk a lot about the future, what new collections we’ll make and what new plans we have for Kazakhstan and Eurasia. I was inspired by the fact that during the quarantine, people needed very comfortable clothes. So I combined sports and semi-sports clothes and slightly transformed them into ethnic style,” said Raushan Anuarbekova, member, Eurasian Union of Designers.

A retrospective exhibition of the Eurasian Union of Designers is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova