Learning Kazakh language through books and animated films


Language learning through cartoons - Turkistan region launches an educational project for children. It will shoot new animated films based on the recently published books with characters speaking in Kazakh, Russian and English. The illustrations were created by the grandson of the famous artist Abilkhan Kasteyev. The author is Lyudmila Kirilinskaya, a member of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. She said that these works are about important universal values, namely inter-ethnic friendship, patriotism and respect for the state language. The publisher also spoke about other projects of the Assembly.

“Starting this year, we will be holding games, a contest ‘Do you know your Kazakhstan’? All schools in the country will participate, starting with rural schools, which amount to over 5,000. They will compete among themselves until the winner of the district is announced. Then the districts will play to determine the winner of the region. And, finally, the regions will compete with each other. On December 12, five teams will make the final. No team goes without a reward,” said Kirilinskaya.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova