Kazakh citizen revives ancient crafts


A craftswoman from Pavlodar Daurbek Zhaksylyk calls on to preserve and develop the national decorative and applied art. She creates luxurious felt products – paintings, toys and many other handicrafts. The woman makes unique creations using old technologies, and shares her skill with the younger generation. She teaches the secrets of felting, the creation of syrmak – a patterned felt carpet and alasha – handicrafts made of multi-colored woolen threads. According to her, this is a very painstaking work that requires a lot of patience and imagination.

“There are easy techniques for beginners, and there are more difficult ones. For example, it is more difficult to make alasha compared to other items. This work is undertaken by children of the second year of study and even the third. We also make small items such as phone cases and handbags,” said Daurbek Zhaksylyk, Director of an Applied Arts Studio.

Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova