Ethnocultural associations: “Our home – Kazakhstan”

Currently, over 130 ethnic groups live in Kazakhstan. Ethnocultural centers of the country make their contribution to strengthening unity, peace and harmony. Four new ones have opened in North Kazakhstan region, including two Slavic, a Ukrainian and a Kazakh. There are 33 ethnocultural centers working in Kyzylzhar district where representatives of more than 50 nationalities live. Tamara Tkachenko was one of the founders of the Belarusian association. She believes that the role of such centers in strengthening peace and harmony is significant.

“When the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan was created, it was a very important step to pulling ethnic groups together. People do have the opportunity today to learn, speak and sing on their language. Today a lot of nationalities are presented at the holiday. We are all one,” said Tamara Tkachenko, Head of Belarusian Ethnocultural Center in North Kazakhstan Region.

The diversity of traditions and interweaving of cultures gives the country a special color. This is its uniqueness and power, believe representatives of ethnocultural centers of East Kazakhstan. Houses of Friendship have been working in all regions of the country since 1992. Ravil Yunusov connected his life with the Tatar ethnocultural center from the age of eight. Now he is the artistic director of the “Vaynah” ensemble.

“The House of Friendship, on one hand, became home for the youth. Today young people representing universities and colleges carry out various campaigns, charities and provide assistance, holding environmental clean-ups,” noted a representative of Tatar Ethnocultural Association of East Kazakhstan Region, Ravil Yunusov.