International programs provide opportunities for Kazakh students

Holders of the Bolashak International Scholarship are the engines of the progress of Kazakhstan’s economy, science, culture and art. They made hundreds of scientific developments and large social projects. Over 27 years of existence of the unique international program “Bolashak”, more than 11,000 Kazakh students have been educated abroad on various disciplines. Most of the graduates today are narrow and in-demand specialists in their homeland – Kazakhstan, in such fields as medicine, IT industry, education and engineering.

“Studying abroad, of course, means new knowledge, new experience, new environment, professional scientific contacts – all this varies depending on which university master’s or PhD students chose to study and conduct their research. As for professional, scientific internships, any organization, according to its needs, can send their employees to develop their skills or retrain as part of the “Bolashak” program,” said Ainur Karbozova, President of the Centre for International Programmes.

Over 500 Kazakh citizens receive education in universities abroad within the “Bolashak” program every year. As noted in the Centre for International Programmes, 500 Kazakh scientists can get an internship in leading scientific centers of the world.