Children’s book week in Nur-Sultan comes to end

To immerse children in the depths of popular science fiction, acquaint them with the fairy tale characters and their authors - a Children’s Book Week was held in Nur-Sultan, during which the best Russian and local experts, including writers, poets, filmmakers and film critics, were invited to meet with school students. They held a number of events, such as lectures, poetry battles, open lessons, film screenings and discussions.

“To me, such film lectures are very important to understand how oral folk arts were transformed on the screen and which visual techniques were applied during the work on animated films. It seems to me that it will always be interesting to look at these films in terms of time, in terms of interaction with literature, and, overall, how today’s children watch these cartoons and stories,” said Alexandra Porshneva, Member of the Kazakh Association of Film Critics.

Children’s Book Week has become part of the events that mark the developed and well-established cultural and humanitarian relations between Kazakhstan and Russia. This year, it is planned to hold a number of joint creative events in order to strengthen cooperation, including exhibitions, theatre plays and concerts.

“We hope that the tour of the Russian Maly Theatre headed by Yuri Solomin will take place in Kazakhstan this year. Irina Vorobyova and a delegation of outstanding theatrical figures will arrive. We hope that this year the theatres from Kostanai and Kokshetau will take part in traditional large festivals ‘Baltik House’ in Saint Petersburg, and in the festival in Saransk. We expect other theatres to go on tour in Moscow and other cities. As for the exhibition activity, it is extensive,” noted Konstantin Vorobyov, Deputy Director of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Nur-Sultan.