Referendum 2022: 65 polling stations to be opened abroad

Referendum 2022: 65 polling stations to be opened abroad

65 polling stations will be opened abroad on June 5. Three of them will appear in Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya. Kazakh citizens living in Turkey will be able to vote in the national referendum on amendments and additions to the Constitution of Kazakhstan. These are students, diplomats and members of their families, as well as tourists and everyone who will be on a business trip that day. Polling stations will work at the consulates of the country. A mobile ballot box is provided for those who will not be able to come to the sites for health reasons.

“Kazakh citizen must have a valid identity document to vote. Our general consulates in Antalya and Istanbul, as well as the embassy, provide all information to our citizens registered with the consulate. For our part, we ask the citizens of Kazakhstan to contact the nearest polling station in advance and provide personal information to be included in the list of voters,” said Assan Mazhitov, Deputy Chairperson of the Precinct Election Commission No.286.

“The referendum is very important for our country. As a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I consider it my civic duty to express my opinion. I will go to the referendum on June 5 with my friends to cast my vote. I call on all our compatriots to vote as well,” shared a student Tilek Makhambetzhan.

Preparations for the referendum are also well underway in Brussels. Kazakh citizens living or temporarily staying in the territory of Belgium will be able to vote in the building of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Belgium from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time.

“At the moment, we expect that about 200 citizens of Kazakhstan, who are registered with the consular office, will take part in the referendum in Belgium. We expect that other citizens who are here for official or tourist purposes will take part as well. Therefore, in order to get on the voter lists in time, please contact our consular department. We are notifying about the upcoming referendum via our Facebook page, via our website, as well as via text messages. Given that the reforms launched by the head of state – political and changes to the Constitution, arouse a fairly high interest among our citizens, we expect a high turnout,” noted Timur Sultangozhin, Chairperson of the Precinct Election Commission in Brussels.



Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova