Series of exhibition projects “Qazaq Eli” opens in Nur-Sultan

Series of exhibition projects “Qazaq Eli” opens in Nur-Sultan

Interweaving of contemporary Kazakh art and historical motifs of the Great Steppe. A series of exhibition projects “Qazaq Eli” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence opened in Nur-Sultan. The expositions presented by items of nomadic lifestyle, unique jewelry and photographs were displayed on three floors of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. An exhibition of contemporary art “Tulpar” is located on the ground floor, showcasing works of artists from Kazakhstan, Turkey and Moldova.

“The ground floors were supposed to symbolize the past, so we turned to the image of a horse, which always accompanies Kazakh people throughout their lives from ancient times. We were the first to domesticate the horse, that is why the horse turned out to be such a beautiful and deep image that does not need to be explained. We want to create an image of unity, therefore, we chose exhibits and masterpieces that would be in harmony with subsequent projects. The exhibition will last until the end of January. Perhaps, we will extend it a little,” said Leyla Mahat, an exhibition curator, director of Art Gallery.

An exhibition “Kebeje” by Serzhan Bashirov also surprises with diversity and wealth. He has been collecting antique household items of nomads for over 30 years. These are items made of wool, bone, metal, wood, collected by him from all over Kazakhstan. The artist makes original silver rings, amulets, charms and various installations with his own hands.

“This exhibition shows Kazakh textile, carpets, wall hangings, embroidery and kebezhe-chests, furniture. Since the late 80s, I have been collecting household items of Kazakhs, nomadic life, interior design items for yurts, tools of craftspeople. I invite everyone to the exhibition,” said Serzhan Bashirov, a collector, a member of Kazakhstan’s Union of Artists.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Edited by Saule Mukhamejanova