Kazakh language center opens in Los Angeles

Kazakh language center opens in Los Angeles

The Kazakh Language Center opened in the U.S. city of Los Angeles. It already has more than 20 students, who are mostly children aged five to 13 years. It helps Kazakh compatriots not only to learn their native language but also gives them the opportunity to preserve their culture.

“All the kids who live here speak English. They even think in English. We teach Kazakh lessons once a week so they don't forget it. I am proud of our children, because wherever they are, they speak their native language and are very proud of representing their nationality,” said Kazakh language teacher Karlygash Shynybayeva.

According to the language center director, first of all, the project was launched to unite Kazakhs living abroad. The idea was widely supported, especially by parents.

“Everyone was happy. Our doors are open to those who have a desire to teach others, regardless of age. Come! You will be welcomed! We must support each other,” added Raushan Mukhtar, the center’s director.

According to the organizers, the center will be further developed. In the near future it is planned to create new clubs and add new classes.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova