Astana Opera Chamber Hall to be named after Kulyash Baiseitova

Astana Opera Chamber Hall to be named after Kulyash Baiseitova

The chamber hall of the Astana Opera theatre in Nur-Sultan will be given the name of the Kazakh legendary opera singer who was called as “Kazakh Nightingale” Kulyash Baiseitova. Today, a gala concert entitled ‘Kazakhtyn Bulbuly’ dedicated to a significant event will be held in this hall. Honored figures and artists of Kazakhstan, as well as winners of international competitions will take part in it. In addition, an exhibition will be opened in the theater’s lobby, which will present photographs and letters of thanks from the personal collection of the famous singer, which were handed over by her daughter Karlygash Baiseitova.

“We traveled with her all summer, for example, to Moscow, Leningrad or Kyiv, that is, we accompanied our mother everywhere. She was once invited to take part in the opera ‘Daisi’ in the Paliashvili theatre in Georgia. So we went there. She sang Maro’s aria in Kazakh, while Georgians sang in Georgian. Mom said that her arms and legs were shaking, but she didn’t show it. I wish everyone to be like my mother, such a simple and modest person. When she performed, the whole audience admired her singing,” said Karlygash Baiseitova, daughter of Kulyash Baiseitova.

Kulyash Baiseitova achieved incredible success at the age of 24, receiving the title of the People’s Artist of the Soviet Union. The name and talent of this legendary singer were famous far beyond the Soviet Union. And today, her memory lives on in her famous songs and compositions that are performed on stages around the world.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova