Mysterious architectural structures of Kyzylorda region attract tourists

Unique towers called munara are becoming popular among tourists in Kyzylorda region. Travelers from different countries come to the area to admire the amazing and unexplored structures, as well as to take pictures. For example, this munara tower amazes with its monumentality. Its height is about 10 meters. Wide at the base, it is tapering towards the top. It has a narrow entrance. The unexpected form gives it a mystery. The tower is made of adobe bricks.

“According to one version, munara towers were designed for protection. As you know, wars were often fought in the Middle Ages. A fire was lit up above to warn people about the enemy’s advance. Also, munara served as border points between the two tribes. Another version says that the towers had ritual significance,” archaeologist Yerkebulan Yeleuov said.

According to the scientist, there are not many munara in Central Asia. However, most of all they are concentrated in the lower reaches of the Syrdarya River. Kyzylorda region has more than 20 of them, three of which have the status of monuments of national significance. But lately, the pearls of ancient architecture began collapsing.

“We prepared basic documents, sending a request to the regional representative body for the allocation of funds. We hope that if our request is approved, the structures will be restored and brought back to their original condition in the future,” Yeleuov added.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova