New facilities appear in Kazakh capital

The Kazakh capital does not cease to improve. Every year the city becomes more beautiful and more convenient for residents and guests. Pedestrian streets, boulevards, and new bridges are being opened. The master plan "Nur-Sultan is a comfortable city" has brought even more innovations to the city. A free, artificial beach with swimming pools located on the promenade of the river Yesil in the Triathlon Park is among them. The facility has already got shadow structures installed and equipped with a food zone. However, due to sanitary regulations, the opening of the pools has been postponed.

“We built a structure on the water, like a pier. And there are two basins, one for adults and one for children. The water will be extra clean. We’ll put a filtration system there. In fact, this pool has its own bottom and specially installed filtration nets. Yes, the water goes through the pool, but it is filtered,” said Yelnar Bazyken, Head of the Center of Urbanism in Nur-Sultan.

Another new and unique facility in Nur-Sultan is a large playground with a rope park in the shape of a python. It will become available to the small residents of the city within a month. There is also a two-story observation deck around the tree, which overlooks the river and the district. Nearby is an underbridge space with basketball court, workout grounds, spaces for yoga, a football field and more.

“Our goal is to make the city as comfortable as possible for people. As we know, nowadays, the third place among those where people spend the most time besides work and home is a public place, everyone likes to walk in parks and squares on weekends. So it’s very important to pay attention to such spaces. They create a lot of joy and uplift the residents,” Bazyken added.

According to the head of the Center of Urbanism in Nur-Sultan, the plans are to make the Republic Avenue barrier-free for pedestrians. At the request of residents, many new fountains and green spaces will appear in the city. There will also be more outdoor recreation spaces. And most importantly, the city will continue its transformation according to the principle of proximity and polycentrism.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova