Kazakh capital city administration builds ‘Coliseum of Street Sports’


Kazakhstan’s capital is becoming more comfortable for its residents. The concept of walking distance to the basic infrastructure plays an important role in the development of the city’s urban planning. A new place has appeared in Nur-Sultan, where mainly young people will be able to spend their free time usefully – Coliseum of Street Sports “NS street life.”

“This site is supposed to popularize street sports. We made it so bright and colorful to make it interesting. We have communities of basketball players, parkour traceurs in the city. We involve all of them in this process so that they can conduct their trainings and classes on this site. In general, the site will always be free. Whoever wishes can come and play. The interested communities will carry out the professional trainings there for free,” said Yelnar Bazyken, Head of the Center of Urbanism in Nur-Sultan.

Zhansara Khomitskaya lives near the Coliseum. Usually she comes here with her two-year-old daughter, instilling in her an interest in sports from an early age. On this day, she also brought a friend who came from Almaty – a stretching trainer. They had a stretching class, appreciating the convenience of the flooring on the site for such exercises.

I plan and I am interested in spending all my free time on this site with my daughter, play ball here, talk to people, and learn new things. It is very convenient, very interesting. Young people gather here whenever you come. This is a better place for sports than if they would be sitting elsewhere. Zhansara Khomitskaya added.

You can play basketball, mini football, boxing or gymnastics on this site. The arena can accommodate up to 600 people. That is, it is possible to hold large competitions or dance battles here. Shadow sheds on the second floor will allow viewers to comfortably “root” for their favorites, in any weather. A skate area will be opened nearby soon. If the Coliseum proves itself, then such sports centers will appear in other districts of the city.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova