Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan places importance on flight safety and technical supervision


The Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan strengthens control and supervision over flight safety. The country is currently preparing for the ICAO audit this summer. It will be only a part of the upcoming major inspection of the International Civil Aviation Organization, which is scheduled for the end of 2023 – the beginning of 2024. Based on its results, Kazakhstan is set to achieve 80 percent compliance with the requirements of ICAO standards.

The main functions performed by Kazakhstan’s Aviation Administration are technical control and supervision of flight safety as well as aviation security. Such a management model with 100 percent state participation was introduced in Kazakhstan first among the CIS countries.

Every year, the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan conducts certifications of airlines and airfields, audits of air navigation and inspections by special services. One of them performs an important function of monitoring the airworthiness of airfields.

“We will get to an airstrip in order to check the actual condition of the airstrip, the airstrip itself, to see if there are any obstacles, and then we will check compliance with the marking requirements,” said Mukhtarbek Turlybekov, Senior Aviation Inspector of the Department of Aerodromes and Ground Services at the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan.

When conducting an aerodrome audit, first of all, it is important to take into account its physical condition – the structure of marking coating, the presence of restrictions or any obstacles. Nearly 20 such inspections are planned this year.

“As you know, there are 25 certified airports in Kazakhstan, 18 of which are international airports, seven are for domestic use and six certified heliports. We’ve identified more than 900 flaws in 2020, all of them are eliminated in time by the explants of the aerodromes. In order to reduce the number of such flaws, our department is developing an aerodrome manual and a flight safety system,” noted Aviation Inspector Bakhtiyar Seidakhmetov.

Thanks to the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan, which was created two years ago, the quality of certification and control over flight safety in the country has increased. Kazakhstan can be quite proud of the results achieved in this field.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova