Cooperation between Kazakhstan and EU

The main priorities of cooperation between Kazakhstan and the European Union remain the transition to the green economy and its diversification through a gradual shift away from commodity dependence, the rule of law and jurisdiction, and strengthening of Kazakh civil society. These areas are being addressed within the Agreement that entered into force in March 2020. Peter Burian, EU Special Representative for Central Asia, spoke about this. He noted Kazakhstan’s democratization reforms and the concept of a ‘responsive state’. Burian also commented on the possibility of relaxing the visa regime for Kazakh residents.

“We really want to facilitate the entry of tourists as much as possible. In this regard, if WHO is ready to approve different vaccines, we will also be ready to open up travel opportunities based on vaccine certificates. Other vaccines may also be recognized by individual countries, as some states use vaccines that have not yet been registered. This is already a matter for individual EU member states,” said Peter Burian, EU Special Representative for Central Asia. 

Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova