Exhibition of Hungarian inventions takes place in Nur-Sultan


The use of energy saving technologies in modern construction is a popular and necessary measure. They help not only save budgetary expenditures, but also preserve the eco-systems of large cities. These innovative solutions are widely used today in Hungary in the construction of roads, arrangement of building facades and landscapes. These are neon plaster charged from the energy of the sun, flowers and plants glowing in the dark, as well as special neon paints for road marking. Three Hungarian companies presented such innovative products at an exhibition in Nur-Sultan. Each of them aims to find business partners in Kazakhstan to transfer their advanced experience in the application of energy saving technologies in construction.

“Based on the rapid development of your capital city and, in general, on a very positive approach to innovative solutions in various fields, in particular to green innovations, we offer Kazakhstan our inventions, which are precisely aimed at such a result. For example, by applying our invention, which can be used in the arrangement of building facades, it is possible to significantly reduce electricity consumption by using solar energy. Thus, you can not only give a new look to buildings, but also reduce energy consumption,” said Attila Pirosch, Director General of a Hungarian building materials company.

Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova