Kazakhstan is set to hold public debates in legislative drafting


Kazakhstan is set to hold public hearings and debates in legislative drafting, announced Kazakh Vice Minister of Justice Natalia Pan. According to her, the document will be published on the portal “Open legal acts”. State bodies are now obliged to explain to the population the provisions of bills and adopted laws. There is a grace period of at least 60 days before the rules are put into effect. This is done so that citizens have time to familiarize with the new requirements of the law and prepare for their implementation. A decision on its expediency will be made only after discussion with the community. The effectiveness of the law will be assessed over a period of five years.

“Firstly, the effectiveness will be assessed independently. The state body sets itself target indicators when developing a law. The expected results that it plans to achieve will be in specific numbers with the fact that this law is not just a set of good wishes, but a guide to action. Secondly, after the adoption of the law, the drafting body analyzes and finds out how the norms of the law operate in practice. This procedure is carried out continuously for five years after the adoption of the law. The reports will be sent to the Ministry of Justice, and subsequently to the Office of the Prime Minister,” Natalia Pan, Kazakh Vice Minister of Justice.