Kazakh Mazhilis approves package of ratification bills under Treaty on EAEU


Members of the Mazhilis of the Kazakh Parliament approved the ratification of a number of draft laws aimed at implementing the agreements on extending the transition period for Armenia and Kyrgyzstan until the full implementation of the common customs tariffs of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). During a plenary session of the Mazhilis, Kazakh Minister of Trade and Integration Bakhyt Sultanov noted that Kyrgyzstan joined the EAEU in 2015. At that time, the country was given a five-year period to implement a common customs tariff on goods. This period expired in early 2020. However, Kyrgyz authorities requested an extension of the period of reduced duties on goods. Sultanov said that following the discussion, the Heads of State agreed to extend the transition period by one year. He also announced when low import customs duties will be lifted for a number of goods from Armenia within the EAEU.

“The transition period for Armenia ends in 2022. In December 2019, at the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia also requested an extension of the transition period to a common customs tariff. In view of the unfolding economic situation in Armenia, other EAEU member states agreed to extend the possibility of applying lower tariffs for one year. The transition period has been extended for 553 goods,” said Bakhyt Sultanov, Kazakh Minister of Trade and Integration.