Kazakh Parliament to review law prohibiting sale of land to foreigners


The draft law prohibiting the sale of land to foreigners is now under consideration in the Kazakh Parliament. Members of the Lower House began reviewing amendments to the legislation on land relations. Chairperson of the Committee on Agrarian Issues of the Mazhilis Yerlan Barlybayev said that the document was submitted to the Parliament as a legislative initiative of the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The President spoke of the need to put an end to the land issue at a meeting of the National Council of Public Trust on February 25.

“The land issue has always been very important to our people. It is a cornerstone and a symbol of our statehood. I have repeatedly said that the land is not for sale to foreigners. It is necessary to stop rumors about this. In this regard, I made specific important decisions: I instruct that the sale and leasing of agricultural land to foreigners and foreign legal entities be prohibited by law,” said the president.

The bill provides for the prohibition of private ownership and temporary use of agricultural land by a number of individuals and legal entities, including stateless persons, foreign companies, domestic companies with foreign participation, foreign organizations, as well as research centers with international participation. The decision on the document will be prepared by the relevant committee, and then further discussed by the Mazhilis.