Kazakh IT innovation in demand on world markets


The digital product of Kazakh developers is getting worldwide recognition. Domestic IT specialists have launched a new mobile application. With the help of this application, small business owners can launch their own online store in three minutes and increase their sales 10-fold just over a couple of years. The application has approximately 2,500 registered users and 2,000 active users in eight countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, the Czech Republic and Turkey.

“The application includes boutiques in shopping centers, containers at the markets, bakeries, family restaurants, stores around the corner, wholesale trade. The peculiarity of our application is that we act as a large technology partner for any small or micro business. We decided to focus on such businessmen who want to be leading e-commerce players in different niches in their own city, district or region,” said Bakytzhan Dos, a startup developer.

According to Bakytzhan Dos, the developer of the start-up company which has already successfully settled in Silicon Valley, this product provides many useful services. Small businesses will be able to receive orders from completely different channels through this application, thus, significantly speeding up the process of their online sales. The development team is already finishing the public beta-testing of the application right now and it intends to continue its active promotion across the world.

“We want to reach 20,000 active enterprises in our product over the next six months. We are actively monitoring the process and the rates based on our current achievements. We have global plans for integration with multiple services, since we are aimed at deep localization. Besides, we are planning to focus on more virtual products, which is also important,” added Bakytzhan Dos.



Translation by Zhanna Smagulova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova