Digital transformation of plants

Digital transformation of plants

Digital transformation of plants. Two large projects were implemented in the Karagandy region on the basis of existing enterprises under the ‘Industry 4.0’ program. Thanks to the introduced technologies, it is now possible for one person to manage several processes simultaneously. In addition to reducing the workload on workers and improving product quality, digital transformation offers two major advantages, namely, it increases productivity and occupational safety, experts say. Modern technologies make it possible to process even coal without harming the environment. The region plans to implement 40 digital projects in 11 large enterprises by 2025.

“We like it so far. Thanks to modernization, we have greatly increased productivity from 30 to 300 percent on various orders. We entered those industries that we had not previously worked with, including oil and gas, rails, and energy. The next step in our modernization is to launch automatic assembly lines. This is our 2022 project. That is, this is the modernization and construction of production of a large-sized and shaped casting in the volume of up to 12,000 tonnes per year,” said Andrey Safonov, Operational Director.

“There is such a thing as digital model factories. Such two factories are being implemented in our region. Basically, when implementing digital projects, our main goal is workplace safety,” shared Alibek Moldakarimov, Head, Industry Management and Industrial Innovation Development.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Edited by Saule Mukhamejanova