Kazakh scientists create elixir of youth

Kazakh scientists create elixir of youth

Youth and health innovation - Kazakhstan has developed a drug to slow aging processes. It is based on specific organic compounds, polyphenols, which are derived from grapes. Scientists have studied their effects on the human body for almost 10 years. As it turned out, a unique domestic product hinders the development of age-related pathologies, including brittle bones, weight gain and high blood pressure. 

“We tried different grape varieties. In the end, two varieties were chosen with the maximum content of polyphenols we needed. It is a Saperavi variety and a Cabernet Sauvignon variety, but of long-term Kazakh selection, which was carried out in southern Kazakhstan,” said Alexander Gulyayev, Leading Researcher, National Laboratory Astana.

According to scientists, the syrup is good for everyone if there is no allergy to the components of the drug, as well as acute inflammatory diseases of the liver or pancreas. It is also not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

“The drug can be taken from the age of 20 or 25. Already at this age, the human body does not allow the absorption of certain antioxidants from nutrition and it is necessary to restore their balance. This syrup is allowed from that age to old age. The medicine is also recommended as a food supplement when there is a lack of antioxidant consumption, if a person consumes small amounts of greens and products containing antioxidants,” said Shynggys Sergazy, Junior Researcher, National Laboratory Astana.

A grape elixir of longevity is produced at the factory in Zhezkazgan. Soon it will be delivered to medical centers. Scientists also plan to use polyphenols in cosmetology as well. Russia and Kyrgyzstan are now interested in the innovative solution from Kazakhstan.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Edited by Saule Mukhamejanova