Nur-Sultan remains in COVID-19 ‘red’ zone

Up to 200 cases of COVID-19 are recorded daily in the capital of Kazakhstan, Chief Sanitary Doctor of Nur-Sultan Sarkhat Beissenova announced. Since the beginning of the year, coronavirus cases in the city have exceeded 38,000, she said. The last three weeks have seen the infection rate decline of an average 10 to 19 percent. But at the same time, the actually registered morbidity indicates an unstable epidemiological situation and the city continues to remain in a high-risk ‘red’ zone, health doctors underline.

 “47.3 percent of residents infected with coronavirus had repeated visits to crowded places. These are public eating places, markets and shopping malls. 0.8 percent of people sick with COVID-19 were reported to have participated in mass events. 29.2 percent of patients were infected by close contact at home. Since the beginning of the project implementation, 3,140 violators of self-isolation have to date been identified in the facilities using the Ashyq application,” said Sarkhat Beissenova, Chief Sanitary Doctor of Nur-Sultan.

About a hundred people, having yellow or red status, have repeatedly visited various facilities. In Nur-Sultan more than a thousand business entities have already received QR codes for work within the Ashyq app. About 40 more food and beverage facilities are planning to join the project.