Kazakh Health Ministry: Kazakhstan may ease quarantine


Kazakhstan sees a decrease in coronavirus cases for the second day in a row. A little over 700 people were infected with COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. Thus, the country may ease quarantine restrictions from next week, Kazakh Health Ministry reported.

“Quarantine measures are eased at least seven days after moving to the yellow zone from the red one or to the green zone from the yellow one. If we will remain in the green zone for seven days, a regional chief state sanitary doctor can sign a Decree on easing quarantine measures of a relevant region, on the basis of the existing Decree of the Kazakh Chief State Sanitary Doctor. Somewhere measures will be toughened, somewhere eased,” said Yerzhan Baitanayev, spokesperson, Sanitary and Epidemiological Control Committee, Kazakh Health Ministry.

Meanwhile, most people in Kazakhstan believe that it is essential to keep observing sanitary rules, while some hope for better situation staying away. Some residents of the capital already plan trips and active shopping.

“If we are already in the green zone, this means that we are gradually moving into the positive trend. Everything is wonderful. I am very glad. Of course, I comply with all necessary measures,” said a city resident.

“I would be glad if quarantine measures are eased. Generally, I am a free artist, therefore, all these events do not affect me at all,” said a city resident.

“The only unpleasant thing was that the public transport didn’t work on Sundays and many stores, for example, shopping centers worked only until a certain time. There was nowhere to go after the work. Cinemas were closed. I think now everything will open,” said a city resident.

“It is great that the number of cases decrease. Borders are opening, we are traveling, it makes us happy, I think so. Although many places opened where you can travel here in Kazakhstan,” said a city resident.

The number of coronavirus cases is reducing not only in Kazakhstan, but also globally, for the sixth week in a row. This data was provided by the World Health Organization. However, according to the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, this does not apply to all regions. The death toll from coronavirus is growing extremely fast in some countries. The fast lifting of quarantine could be disastrous, the organization noted. First of all, due to the spread of new COVID-19 strains. The WHO Chief added that the easing of quarantine primarily could harm people who haven’t yet been vaccinated.