312,197 people in Kazakhstan receive COVID-19 vaccines


Mass immunization drive of the population is continuing in Kazakhstan. According to the country’s Health Ministry, to date, 312,197 people are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The first component of the antiviral medicine covered nearly 1.4 million Kazakh citizens. Residents of Almaty and Turkistan regions received the largest number of the vaccine. According to the relevant department, residents of the capital and the city of Karagandy are also actively getting vaccinated. In order to protect themselves from the coronavirus infection, people in Kazakhstan can receive a vaccine of their choice – either the domestic “QazVac”, or the Russian-made “Sputnik-V”.

“I got the vaccine. I consider this a mandatory procedure. I am a doctor, so I recommend it to everyone. This is important for your health. You do not need to be afraid, there is nothing dangerous about it. I took two stages of the vaccination well,” said a Kazakh resident.

“I got vaccinated, on the advice of doctors, you need to come to the procedure well-fed, and not hungry. I think vaccination is important. The whole world is getting vaccinated,” noted another resident.

“Getting the vaccine is very important. First of all, for your own health. While I’m young, I plan to travel, go abroad. Then it will not be obligatory for me to take a PCR test. That is why I received the first component. I will soon go to receive the second,”  added a resident.

“This is necessary not only for yourself, but, in general, for the whole society. I think this is the right decision,” shared another resident.

“We have already taken the first dose. I think that this is important and necessary in order to protect ourselves and others,” said one more citizen.